GibLive! December 2017

4 December 2017 GibLive! NEWS Comment at Visit for the latest news headlines AMAN has been charged with the murder of his wife at a flat in Gibraltar. Real Lishman, 42, is accused of killing mother- of-two Carolina Elizabeth Lishman, 32, who died of stab wounds at a flat in Apricot Court, Sir William Jackson Grove, on Novem- ber 8. Mrs Lishman died of her injuries at St Bernard’s Hospital. The husband, who also sustained serious injuries, underwent emergency surgery at St Bernard’s Hospital Police say he was arrest- ed at St Bernard’s Hospi- tal and remained under police guard until his dis- charge into police custody.  A post mortem investi- gation has been carried out by a Home Office fo- rensic pathologist. Husband charged with wife’s murder THE introduction of an ad- ditional bus to the night bus service N8 route is expected to improve the waiting times with buses now running every 20 min- utes rather than the previ- ous 30-minute service. The new service will be kept under review. The night bus runs from 9pm to 2am every Friday and Saturday. Night bus increase A CONSERVATIVE MP and long time good friend of Gibraltar has slammed the Spanish Government for attempting to blud- geon and bully the people of Gibraltar and, more recently, Catalonia into submission. Andrew Rosindell, vice- chair on the All-Party Par- liamentary Group for Gi- braltar, (pictured) claims that Madrid had ignored democracy choosing instead to govern by threat and in- timidation. The MP was at pains to remind Madrid that residents of The Rock had voted in two separate ref- erendums to remain Brit- MP sl ams Spanish bully tactics over Gib ish only to be punished by punitive border measures designed to damage the Gi- braltar economy and break Gibraltarian resolve as it attempts to wrestle back the land that they ceded more than three centuries ago. Mr Rosindell said: “For more than 300 years, Gi- braltar has wanted to stay attached to the UK and not attached to Spain. Geographically, it may be attached to Spain but in terms of every other sense, they want to stay British. “Gibraltar has made its views known in two referen- dums, but the Spanish seem never to accept this. “I’m afraid that Spain does have a problem with the concept of democracy.” He drew a comparison between Gibraltar and the situation in Catalonia, where despite a violent re- sponse from Madrid, the residents voted massively to leave Madrid’s control- ling clutches. The MP added: “We’re seeing a similar thing in Catalonia, it’s for the Cata- lan people to determine what constitutional status they want. “They should respect it in Madrid. Instead of blud- geoning the people and bul- lying them into submission, they should accept that the people of Catalonia should have the same rights as well. “But, Spain doesn’t seem to ever understand that democracy is the way we govern the world today. We don’t govern it by threats and intimidation, we ac- tually do it by democratic vote of the people. Spain, I think, needs to wake up to this.” YOUR LOCAL LIGHTING & ELECTRICAL SHOP Come and browse at our showrooms UNIT 55, NEW HARBOURS, ROSIA ROAD, GIBRALTAR Tel: 200 41377 Email: EASY PARKING & FREE DELIVERY WITHIN GIBRALTAR OPEN Monday-Thursday 8am-5.30pm Friday 8am-4pm Saturday 9am-1pm The perfect replacements to save £££s in energy bills CUT YOUR ENERGY BILLS WITH LED LAMPS For example replace an electric guzzling 40w halogen bulb with a 4w LED with no loss of lighting performance.