GibLive! December 2017

December 2017 3 GibLive! NEWS Comment at Visit for the latest news headlines Chubb safes are well known and trusted the world over and appreciated for their unique combination of robustness, reliability and modern designs. FSG provide the full range of Chubb safes at affordable prices. The most trust worthy products for maximum protection against burglary, fire and explosives. The JE50 – for all types of fire. It is equivalent to a 2KG dry powder, 9 litre water, foam or Co2 extinguisher. No need for fire blanket. Leaves no residue after use and is non toxic and non corrosive so it is safe to use in confined spaces. A must for every home. T: 200 78423 F: 200 77192 E: BlazeCut systems help protect all sorts of electrical or mechanical compartments by capturing the start of a fire or by suppressing the fire giving you time for further action. Easy installation, no maintenance and affordability makes this system a perfect first line fire protection for cars or the engine compartments of other small vehicles and pleasure boats. Chubb safes for homes and businesses from £99.00 JE50 Fire Extinguisher for home – only £49.99 Blazecut fire suppression system for cars & boats - £149.00 INNOVATIVE FIRE & PROTECTION PRODUCTS FROM FIRE SECURITY (GIBRALTAR) LIMITED NEWLY-elected Leader of the Opposition, Keith Azopardi has announced the GSD new Parliamen- tary Leader and the fresh shadow responsibilities for the GSD Parliamen- tary Team. Roy Clinton, who had been interim leader before the leadership election, had indicated during the cam- paign that should he not win he did not wish to take the role of party leader in Parliament. So Mr Azopardi has now appointed Elliot Phillips to lead the party in Parliament. Mr Azopardi said: “El- liot is a popular, bright and articulate MP. Apart from Daniel Feetham he is the GSD MP that secured most votes in the 2015 General Election. “He is also an excellent communicator and given that one of my objectives is to broaden our appeal and attract younger people into the GSD I believe that his appointment is perfectly in keeping with that strategy. Elliot will do an excellent job in Parliament”. In the mini reshuffle of responsibilities Mr Phil- lips will assume, Housing, Health and Care in addition to his obligations for Youth, Families and Children. Mr Clinton adds Civil Contingencies to his portfolio for Finances. Trev- or Hammond takes on the Brexit portfolio to comple- ment his existing respon- sibilities for European Af- fairs in addition to Port and Heritage. Edwin Reyes assumes Public Sector and MOD In- dustrial Relations and Dan- iel Feetham assumes the Justice portfolio in addition to Civil Aviation. Outside Parliament, Mr Azopardi will take respon- sibility for party develop- ment and strategy and the presentation of party policy. Mr Azopardi will be more than aware of the huge chal- lenges ahead and while the latest moves are a far reach from simply rearranging the deckchairs on the Titan- ic, he, unlike Captain Ed- ward John Smith in 1912, will need to steer a course wide of the obstacles ahead to reach clear water to once again create a strong party fit for government. ELLIOT PHILLIPS IS NEW LEADER IN PARLIAMENT Azopardi win s and shuffles GSD pack Roy Clinton Keith Azopardi