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2 September 2017 GibLive! NEWS Comment at Visit for the latest news headlines PUBLISHER: Kevin McNulty E: T: (+350) 222 22401 M: (+350) 56000271 PRODUCTION EDITOR: Dave Beevers E: DESIGN: Mark Jowett E: No part of this publication may be used or reproduced without the express permission of the Publisher. Every effort is made to ensure that the articles and advertisements that are carried are authentic however the Publisher of GibLive! accepts no responsibility for claims made. GIBLIVE! call (+350) 56000271 or (+350) 222 22401 To advertise in GibLive! LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL STORE Come and browse at our showrooms UNIT 55, NEW HARBOURS, ROSIA ROAD, GIBRALTAR Tel: 200 41377 Email: OPEN Monday-Thursday 8am-5.30pm Friday 8am-4pm Saturday 9am-1pm EASY PARKING & FREE DELIVERY WITHIN GIBRALTAR 7 Way Power Stack with USB Touch Table lamps Pendants Novelty lighting WE have often commented in GibLive! on Gibraltar’s love affair with motor vehicles as witnessed daily on the meagre 50 kilometres of roads on The Rock. Despite a free bus service and the fact that most journeys are well within walking distance it just seems that we are not willing to give up using our beloved vehicles and the problem is escalating. A GBC investigation states that vehicle ownership has grown by 6,000 units over the past 25 years taking the number of registered ve- hicles in 2015 to 32,637. This repre- sents almost one for every person in Gibraltar while in the UK the figure is less than 0.6 and in Spain it is 0.7. The 654 vehicles for each kilome- tre of The Rock’s roads makes it the country with the greatest number of vehicles per kilometre of road in the world – it is double that of Monaco, the second-placed country. SOCIAL media reports al- leging a terrorist threat to Gibraltar by ISIL are baseless according to se- curity experts. The statement comes af- ter a video warning from the Islamic State Group claiming to have a continu- ing presence in Barcelona and with a reference to Gi- braltar being “conquered”. The original posts upload- ed on social media in August had been closely monitored by the UK’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, which con- cluded they were unfounded. However, they were also picked up and published by Spanish and British news- papers prompting the Gi- braltar Contingency Council to issue a statement confirm- ing that there’s no evidence to suggest that a terrorist nuclear threat was credible. Terrorist threat claims ‘baseless’ Who do we rely so much on cars? THE GSD has claimed construction rubble dumped at the Europa Foreshore while a tunnel system is being cleared is not only an eyesore causing damage to a sensitive site but that the work is being con- ducted without the nec- essary health and safety considerations. The issue was first raised by volunteer Bart Van Thienen who has for a number of years been cleaning up the Fore- shore of invasive plants and restoring the habitat. A statement from No 6 said: “An area outside has been designated in which the debris is being placed temporarily for then hoisting up and over the wall to be disposed of. “All the rubble will be removed as part of the project and the area will be fully restored.” But the Opposition claim that the site, in- cluding a ramp construc- tion on the walls high above the site, can be easily accessed by the public and has not been cordoned off in any way. They also allege that workers were working without any personal pro- tective equipment such as hard hats, eye protection and high visibility vests, and neither do they seem to have been provided with sanitary facilities. Trevor Hammond, GSD spokesman for the En- vironment and Health and Safety, also said that work is causing damage to the plants in the re- serve. He said: "The site does not appear to adhere to any Health and Safety T unnel work rubble ‘poses health risk’ standards. When I vis- ited on Friday there was a lone worker, the tunnels in which he was working were unlit and he was wearing no personal pro- tective equipment. Had any accident occurred there would have been no way for this individual to call for help. “Neither were any sanitary facilities appar- ently provided for the workers on site as such requirements appeared to be dealt with in a most public way. Furthermore, a ladder had been left on the scaffold rampart overhanging the walls high above the site, it was not secured and therefore allowed access onto the scaffolding a short dis- tance from the tourists visiting Europa Point. “No fencing had been erected around the site and the whole thing seems to be an accident waiting to happen."