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The dangers of obesity

Wednesday, 11th June 2014

OUR lifestyle of stressful jobs, limited time and unhealthy eating has led to more than half the Western European population being...

Psoriasis – the itchy problem

Wednesday, 11th June 2014

SKIN problems such as psoriasis can give one a lot of discomfort and for some may be debilitating. The word psoriasis is of...

Take care to protect your skin this summer

Tuesday, 20th May 2014

WITH the arrival of summer the importance of sun protection cannot be over emphasized. Among the plethora of lotions and...


Monday, 19th May 2014

WIDE-ranging changes have been made to combat anti-social behaviour associated with the trade in tobacco, particularly in...

Government vaccination plan for hepatitis B

Tuesday, 8th April 2014

THE Government has introduced a new service to provide occupational vaccination for Hepatitis B to key workers in the public...

How safe is the air we breathe

Tuesday, 8th April 2014

DOES the "air we breathe" have an impact on the rising incidence of allergies and asthma? Allergic disease is more common...

Screening can save your life

Thursday, 13th March 2014

The Government has recently announced the launch of the Colorectal (Colon) Cancer Screening programme. Under this programme,...

Breast cancer screening review

Thursday, 13th March 2014

A REVIEW of the first round of Gibraltar’s breast screening programme, which started in January 2011, has been made. The...

Dealing with dementia

Wednesday, 15th January 2014

DEMENTIA is a common condition in the elderly, which gets worse over time. People suffering from the condition often need the...

Med diet helps stave off threat from diabetes

Thursday, 5th December 2013

PEOPLE who stick to the Mediterranean diet and choose foods with a lower glycemic load may slash their diabetes risk by about 20%....


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