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GSD and No6 clash over IT commitment

GSD and No6 clash over IT commitmentGSD and No6 clash over IT commitment

THE Government has defended its position against the accusation from GSD MP Elliot Phillips that they have not been serious about developing IT skills to embrace new technology developments.

The Government has also denied that there was any conflict between Playtech Chief Operating Officer’s recent statement on the need to develop computer skills and the Government’s own plans for education.

The GSD claim that the comments from Playtech’s COO are in line with their view of the state of skills training to position Gibraltar in the global digital economy and suggest that it demonstrates how ‘out of touch’ the Government are on the issue.

Playtech is based in Gibraltar and engaged in the development and licensing of software products for online and land-based gambling industries.

Mr Phillips said: "In March last year I again raised the issue of diversification of skills training and the introduction of skills in IT and software development in Parliament directly with the Government. (The Government) categorically rejected our proposal saying that there was no need for diversifying the programme"

A statement from No6 says that there have been many occasions over the past year when the Government has made clear how it will be progressing on broadening educational opportunities.

A Government statement said: “The Department of Education has prepared a strategy for vocational pathways that will include the offer of vocational courses to be made available to pupils at both comprehensive schools from 2019 as alternatives at the time of choosing GCSE options, to then be progressed at the new Westside and Bayside schools and the college up to T- levels, which are soon to be introduced in Gibraltar as in the UK.”

The Government say they are developing a number of vocational pathways within the educational system to prepare young people for a wide range of possible occupations and will lead, not to a ‘no skills generation’ but to a multi - skilled generation, where young people can follow the pathways that suit them best.

Minister for Education John Cortes said: “It seems that the GSD doesn’t think we are serious about moving education forward in the way that we are doing. They just tend to repeat old arguments without taking account of progress being made in so many areas.”

Pictured are Elliott Phillips and John Cortes


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