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Gib memorial remembrance service in UK

Gib memorial remembrance service in UK

THE second anniversary of the unveiling of the Gibraltar Memorial was held last month in an ‘Act of Remembrance’ at the National Memorial Arboretum in the UK.

The war memorial was dedicated by the Government and people of Gibraltar to the memory of those Gibraltarians who served in the Armed Forces and died in armed conflict during both World Wars.

The ceremony was led once again by Joe Brugada representing the Royal British Legion and Dominique Searle, Gibraltar representative to the United Kingdom on behalf of the Government of Gibraltar.

Responsibility for the memorial has now been passed to the Gibraltar branch of the Royal British Legion who will maintain the memorial and organise events in the future.

In all, 10 wreaths were laid on behalf of the Governor of Gibraltar Edward Davis, its Government, the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, the Royal British Legion and other representative bodies.

The Governor attended as did 20 relatives, including 13 great nieces and nephews of Lt. Solomon Benzecry, a casualty of the Battle of Cambrai in World War I, whose name is etched on the Gibraltar War Memorial in the UK and in Gibraltar.


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