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£1 coins: Out with the old … but when?

£1 coins: Out with the old … but when?£1 coins: Out with the old … but when?

THE Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce has issued advice on the acceptability of old round £1 coins after October 16.
The Gibraltar International Bank will continue to accept the old round Gibraltar £1 coins after that date for a period but have not confirmed until when this will be but will not accept old round UK £1 coins after October 16.
Natwest Bank will continue to accept the old UK £1 coins until further notice, but they will not re-issue old £1 coins from the October 16 and they have asked their customers to separate the old £1 coins from the new £1 coins when paying in coins at the counter.
Jyske Bank will accept old UK £1 from their clients for a week after the October 15 deadline. After this period (22nd October) Jyske Bank reserves the right not to accept old round UK £1 coins. Gibraltar £1 coins will be accepted until these are withdrawn by Gibraltar Government Treasury (at some point in 2018).
Both UK and Gibraltar old round £1 coins will continue to be accepted in Gibraltar public car park meters until these have been re-calibrated. No date for this has been set.
The quick way to tell the difference between UK and Gibraltar round £1 coins is to look at the edges.  UK £1 coins have letters engraved on them.  Gibraltar £1 coins have only a milled edge with no engraved letters as can be seen in the images shown.


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