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NEW HOMES PLAN: GSD urges caution

NEW HOMES PLAN: GSD urges caution

THE GSD has greeted the news of the homes projects by urging caution. saying that the cost of the current list of planned projects will effect the community for generations to come.

The Opposition say that in their analysis the three projects to build 1,500 units will cost in the region of £200million.

It points that the Government has also recently announced plans to create eight new schools, a national theatre, additional car parking at Grand Parade, development at Rooke and a reclamation project at Coaling Island with the GSD questioning whether this current pace of development is sustainable and economic.

The party says that the Government needs to undertake proper urban planning including the type of housing being urged by Action for Housing who recently called for the creation of more government rental flats citing the GSLP Liberals’ 2015 manifesto, where it said new homes would come on stream for applicants who prefer to stay on the waiting lists.

Action for Housing says a considerable number of these are elderly or ill, and will wait a long time or even die waiting for a Government rental allocation.

The group says there are over a thousand applicants waiting for one-bedroomed flats, according to figures revealed in Parliament.

Action for Housing rejects the argument that providing low-cost homes for purchasing releases Government flats. It says unless the Government provides rental flats, the housing situation looks bleak for those unable to purchase. 

Interim Leader of the Opposition Roy Clinton said: “When Blue Water was announced to great fanfare and artist’s impressions in June 2015 and over 1,600 affordable homes were to be financed by the developer Camoren, now it would appear these will be built by Government and I assume the £83million developer’s premium is now lost as is the Super Yacht Luxury Marina.

“In addition it is evident that Bishop Fitzgerald and Governor’s Meadow need to be relocated within their catchment area and news on the Government’s education plans should be released immediately.”



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