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Experience Bente 39 in Atlantic ‘test’ trip

Experience Bente 39 in Atlantic ‘test’ tripExperience Bente 39 in Atlantic ‘test’ tripExperience Bente 39 in Atlantic ‘test’ trip

THE Bente 24 turned heads when it was first introduced a couple of years ago. It introduced a totally new way of looking at cruising yacht design that immediately struck a chord with a new generation of boat buyer.

The boat was offered in a range of fit-out levels, from an almost bare shell furnished with bean bags – an effective solution that made great use of the available volume in the hull, yet cost a tiny fraction of the price of a fully fitted traditional interior.

The Bente 39 is grounded in the same thinking – but takes it to a whole new level – that of crossing oceans. While both hull shape and rig configuration have clearly been inspired by the racing arena the company has been careful to ensure the finished design is not so heavy that the performance ideals are compromised by too much weight.

Bente recognises that a successful boat builder needs to sell more than just a yacht – the hardware is simply a route to experiences that wouldn't otherwise be possible. With this in mind, the company has organised an Atlantic circuit for owners of Bente 39s in 2018/9.

The outbound voyage from Europe will be with the 2018 ARC, finishing in St Lucia. The fleet will then enjoy a period of cruising – and competing in occasional regattas – in the Caribbean, including the St Maarten Heineken regatta and the Caribbean 600.

They will then head north to Key West in Florida and New York before sailing back across the Atlantic to Europe.

The prototype is about to enter production and is scheduled to be unveiled at the Düsseldorf boat show in January 2018. Launch edition models are currently offered for a basic ready to sail price of just €145,000 plus VAT.


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