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Lathbury track plans revealed

Lathbury track plans revealed

MORE details have emerged about the proposed Lathbury sports facility.

It will not require planning permission and will include an athletics facility for track and field events and an Olympic-size swimming pool.
The new facility will have 800 seats outside for athletics spectators and 300 seats inside for the pool with primary via Windmill Hill Road, through Devils Bellow tunnel and secondary access via the Hole in the Wall Road.

There is a width restriction to the site which means that the long jump and high jump facilities will be located inside the running track but will not compromise the use of the central pitch for soccer and rugby.

A three-metre-high wall will provide some protection in an area known for its strong winds. However as most of the fiercest winds occur during the winter months it is not considered that these will have a major effect on athletic competitions which will be held in the summer months.

Lighting will be provided to 100lux to minimise the effect of light pollution but it is not envisaged that competitions or matches will take place in darkness.


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