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Swim king Nathan’s appeal reaches £8,750

Swim king Nathan’s appeal reaches £8,750

IRONMAN Nathan Payas received a massive boost for his charity appeal following his gruelling double swim across the Strait of Gibraltar.

He received a cheque from the Chief Minister for £2,500 honouring the Government’s pledge to match the £2,500 raised at a Gibraltar Society of Accountants dinner following his successful swim.

It brought the total money Nathan raised for Calpe House Trust to £8,750.

The double crossing has only ever been completed on a dozen previous occasions and Nathan’s success was achieved in 9hrs 49mins covering a total of 37.6km. What makes it even more remarkable is that it was done without a wetsuit.

Nathan is no stranger to water challenges but accepts that this was one of his trickiest yet.

He said: “The tides and current in the Strait of Gibraltar are very strong and it is a tricky swim to plan as you change direction half way through, so you are likely to have to swim against a strong current for a long time. Only 12 others have ever completed this swim to date. It has not been completed since 2011. 

“Only nine swimmers have done it without the use of a neoprene suit. No other Gibraltarian has ever done this swim.”


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