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Mixed reaction at new plans to double Grand Parade parking

Mixed reaction at new plans to  double Grand Parade parking

A SCHEME designed to more than double the existing number of car parking spaces by including an additional level at Grand Parade and the introduction of commercial space to the west side of the car park has received a mixed response.

The proposal to be put before the Development and Planning Commission would deliver about 900 car parking spaces in an area which presently only accommodates around 400.

Environmental groups have expressed concern at the impact of the development.

The plan will comprise residential car parking, pay and display, spaces for sale, lock-up garages for sale, monthly rentals, loading-bays, drop-off bays and spaces for disabled users.

The plan also includes a number of commercial units on the ground floor which will face on to the street, bringing new commercial activity to the area and provide a better focal point than a blank façade. The design steps back the second storey of car parking to lessen the impact of the higher structure.

Residents of Alameda Estate, Trafalgar House and the southern town area in the near vicinity of the proposed new car park will be given first option for the sale of car parking spaces, lock-up garages and monthly rentals in this new scheme. In line with the Government’s environmental policy the new facility will be fitted with electrical charging points.

The vehicle ramps, separate for up and down, to access the upper level will be situated on the eastern boundary which will be softened with a new tree line and a green wall will also be provided in order to mask the ramps.

The external cladding of the car park will use natural colours to combine with the green backdrop. Pedestrian access will be by way of three lift/stair cores at strategic corners. The overall design will incorporate passive and active energy saving measures to achieve high levels of efficiency.

No 6 says that care has been taken to retain the important entrance gates and steps of the Alameda Gardens which will be given a large new forecourt with the famous cannons enjoying a new prominent position within the new forecourt area.

Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia said: “Several proposals for high-rise developments on Grand Parade itself have been made to different Governments over the years. The current proposal is low-rise and makes better use of the existing land resources.

“The fact that the car park will be located outside the City Walls in what is virtually the entrance to the southern end of Main Street will be good news for visitors and good news for residents.”


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