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Montegriffo not bidding for leadership

Montegriffo not bidding for leadership

FORMER GSD founder member Peter Montegriffo has ended, at least for the time being, any speculation that he intended to stand as a candidate for the leadership.

He has told interim leader, Roy Clinton, that he does not intend to mount a challenge.

In his letter the former founder member of the GSD said that given the recent media speculation and the GBC poll he wished to make his letter public.

In the letter he wrote: “Much as I remain passionately involved in playing a part in helping Gibraltar’s continuing success, I do not, however, intend to put my name forward as a candidate in this leadership election. These are never easy decisions, especially for someone who has been close to politics over the years.”

And with reference to Roy Clinton he added: “There are likely to be other strong candidates, including yourself, which will offer the party a range of options. I will support whoever emerges as the party’s choice.”

Mr Clinton said: “I have no doubt that Peter will continue to support the leadership of the party in its evolution in the years to come. I know Peter works very hard and effectively behind the scenes to serve Gibraltar and its interests, albeit outside the bear pit of front line local politics, and I of course wish him well in his endeavours.”

Mr Clinton confirmed that the GSD executive will be meeting as planned in early September to set out the timetable and framework for leadership elections.


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