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Performance matched by style

Performance matched by stylePerformance matched by style

THE Solaris 50 is the latest addition to the range - but it remains faithful to the principles of all its forerunners. Style matched with performance.

The deck layout has been kept as simple as possible, following the now established pattern of larger yachts that are designed to be handled by only two paid crew.

A further idea that has been borrowed from larger yachts is the foredeck sail locker, which is sufficiently long to allow a berth to be fitted to convert it to a crew cabin.

Recognising that even some of the most stereotypically hot and sunny parts of the world can get bad weather, even during the sailing season, there's a completely foldaway spray hood.

A large tender garage, with a wide transom door that enables launching the tender without the need to rotate it and a dedicated life raft pod complete the major changes on deck.

Below decks there's improved use of space in the saloon plus a larger galley with more storage space, including a fridge with drawers.

Two options are offered for the navigation station – either a traditional forward-facing arrangement, or an outboard facing alternative. Designs with tender garages tend to compromise the space available for aft cabins, but Solaris has found room for a twin cabin with standard size berths, as well as a guest head with a separate shower cubicle and wet locker that drains into the shower bilge.


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