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POLITICS: Clinton outlines leadership contest

POLITICS: Clinton outlines leadership contest

INTERIM GSD leader Roy Clinton, who currently holds the role following the resignation of former leader Daniel Feetham, has said that receipt of nominations for the election of a new party leader will be received in September which will effectively kick start the process which should be completed by November.

He said that the decision will be ‘critical’ as the party looks to revive itself and that he considered that the outcome may be “settling the tone for politics for the next 20 years.”

Pitching his own credentials for the role Mr Clinton (pictured) said that he says he’s no stranger to responsibility and management, and will serve as leader as long as the members and the party’s executive want. 

It is interesting to note that Mr Clinton made a very recent reshuffle of his Shadow Ministerial responsibilities that indicated to some observers that he might expect to go unchallenged for the leadership of the GSD who perhaps consider that the party could do without further internal wrangling.


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