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Noiseless cruising without emissions

Noiseless cruising without emissionsNoiseless cruising without emissions

THE new Solarwave 64 is a large luxury yacht which can be powered solely from solar for both domestic systems and propulsion.

It has enough generating battery capacity to continue underway through the night, as well as to power all on board systems, including a water-maker that can make two tonnes of water per day.

Silent Yachts has been perfecting an ultimate off grid experience for several years, with the Solarwave 64 being the most recent model the company has developed. As with other models in the range, the Solarwave 64 is available in three different versions: Cruiser, Power and Sailor.

The Cruiser is a pure solaryacht powered by serial hybrid propulsion with two electric motors along with a diesel powered generator that acts as a range extender if needed. It’s intended as the ultimate solar-electric cruiser, with sufficient battery capacity to remain under way at sea overnight.

Power versions have a parallel hybrid drive system that incorporates two powerful diesel engines as well as a pair of electric motors. These propulsion systems can be used in unison or separately, giving the option of unlimited range at lower speeds using the e-drive or high speeds using the diesel engines.

Either of these propulsion options can be specified with the Sailor version, which adds a modest sail plan to enable speeds of up to 10 knots under sail, along with the option of using hydrogenerators to charge the battery banks while sailing.

When powered only by the electric motors cruising speed is around 6-8 knots, with a maximum speed of 10 knots. With diesel engines the Power model has a cruising speed of 15-20 knots and a maximum of more than 25 knots, depending on the engine configuration specified.

The yachts offer an immense amount of deck space, in distinct areas for socialising, along with spacious three, four, five or six cabin interior layouts with bespoke interior design options.

The lightweight lithium ion batteries provide energy 24/7 for propulsion as well as for the entire domestic systems including televisions, air conditioning, ice maker, watermaker, induction hob and much more.


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