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Does Llamas vote signal GSD split?

Does Llamas vote signal GSD split?

THE surprise decision by GSD MP Lawrence Llamas to vote in favour of the Budget despite Opposition leader Daniel Feetham’s announcement that his party would vote against it might signal a crack in the fragile fabric of the Opposition.

Mr Llamas claimed that the first time he was aware that his party was to vote against the Budget was when Mr Feetham made his announcement.

He said that had the issue been discussed and that his party members had voted on the issue then he may have felt bound by collective responsibility, but that he didn’t feel bound under the circumstances.

Mr Llamas added that he fully agreed with his party’s stance on Government transparency but not on its voting intention.  He also said that it was an unwritten convention for the Opposition to support the Government on the Budget and that he was not prepared to “paralyse the economy”.


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