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Picardo slams GSD MPs who voted against Budget

THE Chief Minister pulled no punches in his condemnation of the four GSD MPs that voted against his Budget calling their decision “politically irresponsible” and later as the “most reckless parliamentary act in the modern history of Gibraltar.”

Daniel Feetham and three of his MPs - Roy Clinton, Trevor Hammond and Elliot Phillips - voted against the Budget bill.

A sixth GSD MP, Edwin Reyes, was not present at the session for personal reasons with GSD MP Lawrence Llamas choosing to vote with the Government, who Fabian Picardo commended for his decision.

The Chief Minister reserved most of his vitriol for  Mr Feetham and Mr Clinton. “They must understand the lunacy of putting at risk the salaries of civil servants in Gibraltar,” he said. “They are risking Gibraltar becoming a failed state.”

Mr Feetham’s reply dismissed the notion saying: “It’s nonsense to say that civil servants would have been without their pay.”

He further suggested that a simple solution would have been to include a list outlining the expenditure in Government-owned companies, not included in the Budget estimates.

Mr Picardo accused the Opposition of painting a picture of a bankrupt Gibraltar which was an insult to all of the people of Gibraltar.

The second reading of the bill was carried by 12 votes in favour and four against.


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