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Nuclear sub visit was ‘routine stop’

Nuclear sub visit  was ‘routine stop’

DESPITE the colourful headlines carried by some of the UK national press the arrival of nuclear submarine HMS Torbay recently was part of a scheduled port visit and not in response to Spanish aggression.

In an effort to ramp up the story, one of the national newspapers described the submarine’s visit as “a show of force towards Spain after Brexit sovereignty row.”

Other newspapers appeared to suggest that it was a direct response to an incursion by a Spanish Navy vessel the day prior when the 68 feet long patrol boat Centinela was challenged by the Royal Navy after she entered British Gibraltar Territorial Waters to the east of the Rock.

The arrival of HMS Torbay did ruffle a few feathers within the Spanish ecology action group Verdemar - Ecologistas en Acción (Greensea - Ecologists in Action), that denounced the presence of the ‘floating bomb’. 

The group claim that the submarine is dangerous and say it should not have visited Gibraltar during its stop over as the “port is not suitable to serve these ships”. 


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