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Cemetery delay anger

DESPITE an amended motion unanimously passed in Parliament last year for urgent improvement in the North Front cemetery little appears to have changed.

At the time, over six months ago, the Government agreed that they would provide a management programme for the maintenance of the cemetery.

GSD environment spokesman Trevor Hammond said that these agreements are made in good faith and Ministers are expected to subsequently honour their commitments.

He said: "I presented a motion in Parliament last year because there was significant public concern at the continued poor state of the cemetery.

"The Minister has been claiming that efforts are being made, he cited them in his budget speech a year ago. Six months after that we agree a motion effectively stating that Government would put together a plan which would finally realise some real change yet another six months pass and nothing has happened.

“The community is rightly demanding that something be done, this is yet another example of Government's misplaced priorities but it is high time that they delivered on what has been repeatedly promised."


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