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GSD: Why has Laguna work stopped?

GSD: Why has Laguna work stopped? GSD: Why has Laguna work stopped?

THE GSD has questioned why the major refurbishment of Laguna Estate begun four years ago is now at a standstill and has been since the General Election last December.
The party also claim to have received many complaints from aggrieved tenants and are asking the Government, on their behalf, why there has been so little progress this year.
The Opposition claim that a number of housing blocks, possibly up to a dozen at the northern end of the estate, have received little or no activity at all. The party makes the point that the refurbishment had proceeded at a consistent pace since the project started but suddenly at the end of 2015 progress stopped.
Other complaints that the GSD say have been brought to their attention within Laguna Estate include cockroach infestation, dangerous road surfaces for pedestrians made more problematic because of inadequate street lighting.
The Opposition is putting the Government under pressure to issue a public commitment as to when the refurbishments will be completed and to explain why there has been so little progress made over this last year.
However, the Government insisted that the works are progressing to plan and that the latest contractor report shows that works are now 70% complete.
Regarding the condition of the roads No 6 says that when all phases have been completed and heavy machinery has left the area the roads in the estate will be addressed.
On the issue of ‘cockroach infestation’ raised by the Opposition, the Government says that all reports are referred to the Environmental Agency but claim that the number of reports received this year is ‘significantly lower’ than those received last year.


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