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Disability law delay bust-up

Disability law delay bust-up

THE GSD has accused the Government of breaking a manifesto commitment to update disability legislation which they had promised to deliver by 2012.
They also accused the Government of not prioritising expenditure in this area as they had pledged to do.
The comments follow a recent press release from the Gibraltar Disability Society’s with regard to the delay in updating legislation.
No6 hit back at the GSD, censuring the Opposition for criticising Government actions without offering alternative solutions.
But Opposition spokesman Lawrence Llamas replied that a draft bill prepared by the then GSD administration has been disregarded.
He said: “A detailed draft bill adopting the UN Disabilities Convention 2006 was prepared in February 2011 by the previous GSD Government.
“The Alliance has played politics over this issue by denying the existence of the draft legislation. By ignoring the draft bill they have bought time and set off on a long winded process we can also assume in order to avoid introducing the legislation.”
The Government accused Opposition leader Daniel Feetham of being a “political hypocrite”, while on one hand calling for a cut in spending because of Brexit, and on the other now urging the Government to go ahead with legislation with huge cost implications
No 6 adds that because of the potential scale of costs to business there is a need for more detailed consultations.
A statement said: “The GSD's position has highlighted that they do not care about the cost of doing business in Gibraltar. At the election, Mr Feetham was blithely prepared to introduce higher electricity charges for business by doing away with the Government subsidy on those utilities.”


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